Effective Teaching Skills for PG Engineering Students

This course serves as a primary course for P.G. students aspiring to enter into teaching profession after completing their degree. Uniqueness of the course is that it helps the graduates to prepare themselves cognitively to take up the challenges awaiting in the classroom, boost them morally in facing the job interviews in the engineering colleges. More personal attention will be paid in the courses and the size of the batch is strictly restricted to 15. We also welcome students groups to participate as a separate batches.

Research Methodology for Scholars

This course is intended for research scholars who are planning to pursue their research. The purpose of the course are: to make the participants familiar with the process of rigorous research in an academic environment, to encourage attendees to critically evaluate research papers they read, to outline the processes required to undertake a research project.

The major topics covered are: Introduction to Research & Research Process, Identification & Formulation of a Research Problem, Literature Review, Research Design, Data Collection, Data Analysis & Presentation, Plagiarism, Journal Publication, andWord Tricks.

Skill Training

  • Soft Skill Training
  • Effective Communication skill
  • Effective Learning Skills - Reading, Writing and Listening
  • Employability Skill Training – Quantitative, Logical and Analytical Reasoning
  • Effective Goal Setting and Belief Breaking Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills
  • Workshop on Creative & Critical Thinking Skills
  • Personality Development and Interview Skills
  • Etiquettes and Manners
  • Emotional Intelligence